Without caring mentors, positive youth development just doesn’t happen. At First Tee, we take coaching seriously. We believe that a meaningful, quality relationship between coach and participant is vital to our program. As you consider volunteering for our chapter, know that the safety of our kids is our first priority.  Please read our Prevention Policies to see how we conduct programs and activities at our chapter.

Prevention Policy


Our organization depends on volunteer power to impact as many young lives as possible. We have programs for youth aged 5-18 at ten different golf courses throughout the summer who need your help. No golf experience is required, we will provide the training you need! You just need an enthusiasm for helping kids find their potential. By contributing your time and talent, you can directly make an impact in a young person’s life.


ON THE COURSE: Montgomery County: Community Golf Course, Kittyhawk Golf Course, Madden Golf Course

Butler County: Indian Ridge Golf Course, Miles of Golf, Twin Run Golf Course

Warren County: Armco Park Golf Course & Shaker Run Golf Course

Greene County: Twin Base Golf Course

OFF THE COURSE:  Fundraising/Events, Operations/Administration, Mentoring/Tutoring, In-school programming


Our coaches are a team of adults that teach young people core values, healthy habits and valuable life skills using the game of golf. You can volunteer at any of our convenient locations across the Chapter. We offer informative and interactive training sessions on a regular basis and there will be continual learning opportunities throughout the season from chapter staff.

WHEN WE NEED YOU: Summer Camps from June to Early August.


  • Help set-up/break down class activities
  • Be a positive role model and interact with The First Tee students
  • Assist with golf instruction
  • Ensure student safety

Just one easy steP to get started:

Follow the link below to complete your volunteer registration – THANK YOU for making an IMPACT

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Words from our current volunteers:

I have been a First Tee volunteer for 3 yrs. I chose to volunteer because I wanted to be able to introduce kids to the game of golf.  The kids have the opportunity to get outside away from their mobile device and learn a game they can play their entire lives. I really love when they hit that great shot that creates enthusiasm that they may not have had before. My motto is- the most important shot in golf is your “next” shot.” –Frank Stephenson, Volunteer for Butler County Programs.

“I volunteer to give back to an organization that has given so much to me. It’s a true gift to be a part of every kid’s First Tee journey, just like my coaches were, and still are, a huge part in mine.” Patrick Geshan, Volunteer at Indian Ridge.

I decided to volunteer because I wanted to give a little something back to the game that has provided me with a lifetime of joy. I thought if I even helped one kid figure out that golf was something they wanted to pursue in their life it would be worth it.  I expected to gravitate towards the kids that showed some golfing potential and give them an extra pointer or two.  Once I was involved I found myself quickly gravitating towards the kids who mostly swung and missed, especially if I heard them mutter that they couldn’t do it.  The smile and satisfaction I saw on their face when they DID do it was worth far more to me than the few hours of time I had given.  One of the kids taught me more about perseverance in the things he goes through in life than we could ever teach as a core value. I probably learned more things about myself than I actually taught the kids. All of this in 4 weeks. Already looking forward to coming back for my second year in 2019.” Jeff Hey, Volunteer at Kittyhawk.

“My First Tee experience has helped me to become a better golfer and person.  It makes me happy to watch the younger kids grow to enjoy this game I love. It’s been a gift for me to help other kids learn more about not only golf but school and life.” Wyatt Woodard, Volunteer at Shaker Run.

“I love volunteering because I like helping everyone in my city. When I help people, it makes us feel more united.” Ian McCall, Volunteer at Dayton Courses.

“Being a Coach with the First Tee affords me the unique opportunity to impact the lives of young people through golf that will influence their actions on and off the golf course as well as to “grow the game” of golf making it a sport for people of ALL ABILITIES. For many of the young people who attend our program it is their FIRST experience with golf. As a Coach I am afforded the opportunity to share in this experience, it is priceless, creates life lessons, values that can be used on and off the golf course. With young people, we do not get to choose what they will remember or what they will forget. As a Coach with The First Tee I DO however get to choose how I act and what I teach.  I know I serve as a mentor and role model in every situation and take that responsibility seriously. Serving as a Coach I cherish the connections I have made with the young people, and knowing I will always be “Coach” to them …and together through The First Tee WE have created memories to last a lifetime.” Debbie Ahrns Par Coach at Kittyhawk and other Dayton locations. 

My story is about a boy named Bradley. Bradley asked Mike Wolf and I if we would play a few holes with him after our Player session one day. We said sure and off we went.  It was a hot summer day and we only played four holes and told Bradley we had better go in as his Mom may be there now and it is hot and we didn’t want him to get overheated as we were of course walking.  Bradley looked at us and said, “Don’t worry about me I could play with you guys all day.”  What makes this story special is Bradley was about 10 years old at the time. Bradley also has cystic fibrosis but that day felt like he could go all day. One day, my good friend Mike asked me to tell my Bradley story in a group setting once. As I was getting to the end of the above story about that skinny warrior Bradley my voice cracked and I couldn’t finish.  Mike stepped in and finished my story, thanks Mike.  Bradley finished his time in our program as a birdie participant. He has moved on to other things and I tell his story often.  Also, there are times when I feel defeated or can’t finish something and I remember, I could play with you guys all day.  He is one of my heroes. Dave McClain, Volunteer at Butler County Birdie & Eagle Programs. 

“Volunteering for The First Tee was not only a fun and amazing experience, but it gave me a chance to improve my own golf game. My average during my high school season last year to this year went down by 11 strokes, thanks to The First Tee.” Kailynn Berger, Volunteer at Butler County. 

“I just wanted to share a few thoughts. I volunteer now mostly to stay around the sport of golf and help kids today find a love for it. Aside from that, I come back every year because of the people I have met. One thing I never expected to get out of my volunteering experience was finding a great role model. When you sign up you expect to be the one teaching/guiding but I found I have learned much more than I ever taught from other volunteers and participants.” Cara Puccini, Volunteer at Twin Run and Miles of Golf.

I have wanted to volunteer with First Tee for some time, but I wasn’t sure I was a good enough golfer — on a good day I break 100.  Didn’t matter!  After 2 years volunteering, I learned that as long as you support the Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits you are exactly the kind of volunteer we are looking for!  Kids love the drills and, it turns out, they really help my game too. I have made some good friends at First Tee.  A love and respect for the great game of golf is a pretty good basis for friendship. Golf can be so intimidating at first.  There are so many rules and customs in addition to learning to hit a ball.  First Tee volunteers do so much more than just teach kids how to wail on balls at the driving range. The best moments are unspoken: when a player hits that awesome shot for the first time and never wants to put the club down again.  It usually happens when we are chipping just off the green and the ball takes a bounce or two and then rolls into the cup. Magic!” Scott Roderick, Volunteer at Twin Base & Community.